Distance Learning

This is your one stop for all distance learning information from Murray Community Schools

We plan to fully roll out continuous learning beginning Monday, April 13th and will continue until further notice.

Chromebooks will be available to all students beginning on Thursday April 16th. There will be a Chromebook policy contract and agreement to be signed before any Chromebook is issued. Chromebooks can be picked up and signed for during lunch/breakfast meal pick up at the school. For any technical issues with Chromebooks please let the student’s teacher know with as much detail as possible so we can get the issue resolved. Most issues will be resolved in 72 hours or less.

Teachers will reach out to each student from their homerooms or Advisories and determine how to best teach each child whether it is online or through paper packets. Packets could be picked up and returned at the school, where they would be sorted to the appropriate teacher. Teachers will provide online instruction through video conferencing or posting a video that students could watch to help understand the materials.

All teachers will offer a one-hour “office hours” time using Google hangout chat or Zoom meetings weekly, and teachers will always be available through email. Each teacher will designate a time for their “office hour”, that will be consistent each week. This continuous learning practice will allow for student flexibility in their learning, and the expectations are set by teachers in their individual virtual classrooms.

Teachers will offer a (or several) weekly continuous learning activity(s) for your child that they can participate in. This will not be graded but feedback will be given on all work done by your child. You can also scan, upload a photo of the work, or it can be uploaded directly to the Google classroom site. Or you can drop off the packets to the designated teacher space at the school directly. You will not be permitted into the school itself but there will be Mailboxes for each teacher.

As parents, you are invited to add yourself to the Google classroom in order to keep abreast of the learning resources and any class communications that take place. If you have any questions or your child is having issues with lessons, please feel free to email either the principal (jbelden@murraycsd.org) or the individual teachers to help answer or help with your issue. Thank you for your continued support as we explore this temporary normal together. Know that we are all working hard to ensure your child has the opportunity to continue to learn over this lengthy closure. As always we will keep you updated as we find out more information.

Elementary Class Plans pk-5

  • All teachers will have a classroom meeting with students at least once per week and assignments will be posted to google classroom and available as packets from the school

  • Codes for your child's google classroom are below, class specific information can be had on each teacher's google classroom. Instructions for how to access your student's Google Classroom can be found HERE

pk-5th Google Classroom and Office Hours

Jr. High/ High School Plans 6-12

  • All teachers will have a classroom meeting with students at least once per week and assignments will be posted to google classroom and available as packets from the school

  • Codes for your child's google classroom are available from your child's teacher if you wish to join the google classroom. Please reach out to your child's teacher to get added to the classroom

6-12 Teacher Office Hours

Technology Troubleshooting

As we transition to distance learning we are running into a steep learning curve. In an ideal world, everything would function perfectly, but that, unfortunately, is not the world we live in.

Instructions for Parents/Guardians on how to access their student's google classroom can be found HERE

Here are the recommended steps to take when you run into technical issues with distance learning

  1. Turn the computer off wait 30 seconds and turn it on again

  2. Try the application/ program again

  3. If you are running into the same problem it is time to reach out.

  4. Contact the teacher whose class the issue is happening, please give them the following information

    1. Name of student

    2. Contact information (phone number)

    3. Type of device

    4. Application

    5. Any username/passwords

    6. List of steps taken to receive the error (the more detailed the better)

    7. Screenshots of the error/stop point

From there the teacher will be able to contact school technology support and they will get working on their issue and the teacher will let you know when the issue has been resolved.

Ideally, issues will be resolved within 48-72 hours.

Google Support- Helpful tips and trouble shooting from Google

Google Classroom Troubleshooting for Students- information and support for Google Classroom

Google Meet Troubleshooting-Information and support for Google Meet

Google Teach from Home- Information and support for multiple Gsuite services all in one place.