Nurse's Corner

School Nurse:

Anne Crowley

Covid Information

Update: 2/7/21

On Friday, Governor Reynolds released a statement allowing for businesses to make their own decisions in regard to masks, social distancing, and other health related practices. As a school, the Murray Community School District will still continue to require masks to be worn at school and at all school events by students, staff, community members and all other visitors in general.

The district will also continue with the multiple mitigation practices we have in place at this time. In the community of Murray, the school is one of the largest gathering areas within the entire community. Our goal is to maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone in the buildings, and these practices have been successful in a face-to-face environment.

Additionally, the district will continue to adapt to multiple situations to allow our students to have a positive experience at school and with their events and activities throughout this entire school year.

Thank you for your continued support



Evaluating Sick Students/Staff

Community Transmission

All Students entering Kindergarten MUST be current on all immunizations and are required unless a valid certificate of immunization exemption for religious reasons is filed with the school

All Students entering Kindergarten and 9th must all have a recent dental screening.

All 7th Grade students are now required to get a TDAP and Meningitis Shot.

All Seniors are now required to get an additional Meningitis Shot as well.

If you have any questions about this you may contact your doctor or public health can assist you in getting the vaccinations or records needed.

641-7.3(2) A religious exemption may be granted to an applicant if immunization conflicts with a genuine and sincere religious belief. a.

To be valid, a certificate of immunization exemption for religious reasons shall contain, at a minimum, the applicant’s last name, first

name, and date of birth and shall bear the signature of the applicant or, if the applicant is a minor, of the applicant’s parent or guardian

and shall attest that immunization conflicts with a genuine and sincere religious belief and that the belief is in fact religious and not

based merely on philosophical, scientific, moral, personal, or medical opposition to immunizations. b. The certificate of immunization

exemption for religious reasons is valid only when notarized.